Kirkland, Arizona


Kirkland Bar & Steakhouse

Welcome to the Kirkland Bar and Steakhouse! Originally built in 1863, the restaurant and hotel stands on the site of an 1870 Wells Fargo Stage Stop, former bordello and Railroad Hotel. The building was registered in 1998 as a “National Historical Site.”  Now it’s a great place to step into the Old West and eat and party. Enjoy the greatest steaks in a rugged old western atmosphere and maybe dance a step or two on the largest dance floor around! 

Kirkland Bar, Hotel and Restaurant is open year round Wednesday through Sunday. Hotel rooms are available for weary, hungry travelers. Motor Homes and RV’s are welcome, including horse lovers, for a  weekend get-away with a place to stay, areas to ride for miles with nice grounds and lots of trees.

We would love to host your wedding, birthday party, office party, family reunion or any other special event!

Bar Hours:

Wednesday - Thursday 10:00am to ??
Friday - Sunday 8:30am to ??
Food is served in the bar except during Steakhouse hours

Steakhouse Hours:
Friday - Sunday 4pm - 9pm
Country Music and Dancing every Saturday 6pm to ??

8995 S. Iron Springs Rd.
Kirkland, AZ 86332
(928) 442-3408

Herb and Barbara Carabeo

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